• Gesprek 1
    • Ibis: I'm the best fisherman ever!
    • Player: Where is your skillcape to prove it, then?
    • Ibis: At home...
    • Player: I'll bet it is.
  • Gesprek 2
    • Ibis: I like to fish!
    • Player: I know!
  • Gesprek 3
    • Ibis: I want to go fiiiish.
    • Player: We can't be fishing all the time you know.
  • Gesprek 4
    • Ibis: Hey, where are we?
    • Player: What do you mean?
    • Ibis: I just noticed we weren't fishing.
    • Player: Well, we can't fish all the time.
  • Gesprek 5 (Als de speler een raw shark bij zich heeft.)
    • Ibis: Can I look after those sharks for you?
    • Player: I don't know. Would you eat them?
    • Ibis: Yes! Ooops...
    • Player: I think I'll hang onto them myself for now.

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