• Gesprek 1
    • Bronze minotaur: All this walking about is making me angry.
    • Speler: You seem to be quite happy about that.
    • Bronze minotaur: Yeah! There's nothing like getting a good rage on and then working it out on some no-horns.
    • Speler: I can't say I know what you mean.
    • Bronze minotaur: Well I didn't think a no-horns like you would get it!
  • Gesprek 2
    • Bronze minotaur: Can you tell me why we're not fighting yet?
    • Speler: Buck up; I'll find you something to hit soon.
    • Bronze minotaur: You'd better, no-horns, because that round head of yours is looking mighty axeable.
  • Gesprek 3
    • Bronze minotaur: Hey, no-horns?
    • Speler: Why do you keep calling me no-horns?
    • Bronze minotaur: Do I really have to explain that?
    • Speler: No, thinking about it it's pretty self-evident.
    • Bronze minotaur: Glad we're on the same page, no-horns.
    • Speler: So, what did you want?
    • Bronze minotaur: I've forgotten, now. I'm sure it'll come to me later.
  • Gesprek 4
    • Bronze minotaur: Hey no-horns!
    • Speler: Yes?
    • Bronze minotaur: Oh, I don't have anything to say, I was just yelling at you.
    • Speler: Why?
    • Bronze minotaur: No reason. I do like to mess with the no-horns, though.
  • Gesprek 5 (Terwijl de speler helmen draagt mer hoorns (b.v. Guthan's helm))
    • Bronze minotaur: ...
    • Speler: What?
    • Bronze minotaur: Are you having a laugh?
    • Speler: I'm not sure I know what you-
    • Bronze minotaur: Listen, no-horns, you have two choices: take off the horns yourself or I'll headbutt you until they fall off.
    • Speler: Yessir.
    • Bronze minotaur: Good, no-horns. Let's not have this conversation again.

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